Friday, October 26, 2012


5 senses tour 
It's been a while since I wrote Joy Pockets on a Friday. Due to popular demand, the Blog sisters are bringing them back.  
Here's what I'm grateful for this week..

A night away in a hotel without the kids
A pint of Guinness (or two) in the afternoon
Getting my life back in small doses of fun - and being more organised
Buying myself a pair of rollerblades - having a midlife crisis at 40?

 A fabulous coven of local creative friends working together on the Artist's Way

A midweek dip with my creative group in the Atlantic sea
Halloween parties - big smiles at my daughter's playschool this morning as everyone dressed up as witches

My eldest enjoying school, learning letters and making new friends (playdate today)

My 17-month-old's sleep-talking, saying 'tractor' perfectly in his sleep

Doing something about my post-pregnancy thinned hair (expensive pills but if it works I'll blog about it)
Entering competitions -  hope I win something

Wearing new boots with a block heel. Wow I feel tall!


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  1. Love the rollerblades. It's great seeing the kids enjoying life isn't it? And whoooo to the night away with no kids!!! :)

  2. Lovely post :-) you make me want to take an Atlantic dip!!


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