Sunday, March 10, 2013


Today I am announcing the relaunch of The Daily Muttering as Mama Dynamite.

It is big, bold, brave step, but I think I'm finally ready for a dynamic change.

What's prompted the change? Well, there's been a big shift in me over the last year. 

My five year baby bubble has lifted, thank god, and I've found myself in quite an unexpected positive place. 

It's a place where I'm starting to live life to my full potential. Where I'm finally saying "I can do anything" and I've stopped limiting myself by past beliefs that humble is better than confident. 

I used to think that 'confidence' was a dirty word. Now I realise it's something I need to embrace if I want to progress in life. 

I've come full circle, from shy child, to bolshy student, to humble adult and now to confident parent. 

It's very liberating. And authentic. Yes, I feel I'm being more authentic to myself - and challenging myself to strive for better.

I want to be dynamic. I want to be that person. I want to take a new journey with this new, exciting, energetic blog name.

To me Mama Dynamite is aspirational. I'd love to channel that dynamo energy inside me, and allow me to flourish. 

Earlier this week, I sat down with my paints and a canvas and started to paint 'Mama Dynamite' so I would have something unique for my background. It took about 2 hours to come up with this download from my brain:

So bye bye The Daily Muttering, you served me well. For the 14 months I was writing you, I loved how you helped me to find my voice. When I started The Daily Muttering I wanted to get back into journalism, to write daily (sadly I failed the daily bit) but I didn't take myself too seriously (hence negating everything I wrote by calling it a muttering). 

But as time went on, 'muttering' became a heavy anchor dragging me to the bottom of the sea. Rather than setting me free to swim the ocean, it held me back. When I wrote a poignant piece of poetry about my baby [eg Precious Hands] I felt that I wasn't giving it the presentation it deserved by putting in on my muttering blog.

I don't want to mutter anymore. I want to sing my words from the rooftops and stop apologising for myself.

I want to say YES instead of no. To free myself from my old self-limiting concepts and make better things happen. 

I always said that I might change the name when I stopped being a mutterer. Here's what I wrote when I first launched the blog in Jan 2012:

From About Me on The Daily Muttering
So here I am, embracing confidence, putting myself out there more than I've ever been, and giving the blog a more relevant name for its content.

All this week, I've been struggling to say the name Mama Dynamite out loud to friends (for fear of ridicule I think), but everyone has loved it. I'm hoping the name will take me to a new headspace where that insecurity no longer bothers me.

It's a bit scary but seeing as it's Mothers Day in Ireland today, I'm buouyed up, floating in dreamland, riding the "we love you mummy" wave. Have I used enough sea metaphors yet?!

I'm looking at the stormy sea from my kitchen window, seeing all kinds of metaphors for life, enjoying the fact that it's my special day.

I finally feel that my voice is valid, which feels just great.

So here goes.... click Publish... now it's done..... eeeek, I'm out there. I hope you like....

Here's my final message to all you lovely hard-working mums out there:

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  1. Congrats and looking forward to mama dynamite posts! Here's to a great new start :-)

  2. Love your new look and vibe. I caught your excitement reading that post! I am so thrilled for you that you are on this new stage of your journey- I could really identify with it. I only recently discovered that, in my own words, confidence is a choice. I have been writing for over ten years and took the plunge to allow people to read it last October when I set up my blog. I spent years worrying about critics and failures, of being put down. THen one day I just realised that I owe it to myself and my baby to be the most confident woman I can be. I want my little girl to grow up seeing confidence as normal- not dirty.

    So excited for you x

  3. Thanks everyone, it's a real buzz reading such positive comments. I'm still trying to tweak the blog to make it look nice, and think of my next tome worthy of 'Dynamum' (new superhero mum being birthed inside me right now!).
    Laura, I know exactly what you mean, it's a brave step to even put something 'out there' - the reason I started the blog in the first place was that I was very 'internal' and needed to be 'external'.
    We are fighting our own worst inner critic every day. I keep repeating to myself, it doesn't matter what people think! But we still worry...

  4. Congratulations! I hope your super positive, ultra confident vibe is catching! Amazing to see what you wrote when you started The Daily Muttering...and now it has come true. Looking forward to your posts. AND WOW! What a fantastic piece of art you created.


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