Friday, April 5, 2013


There I was, picking olives from the beautifully presented supermarket deli counter, savouring the taste of the sneaky sample I'd just popped in my mouth.

When my reverie was destroyed by a mother telling her girls: "Come away from that counter, it's disgusting!"


What exactly is disgusting about a deli counter?

As she dragged her baffled girls away, I heard her chunter: "They shouldn't sell food open like that!"

Was she someone in the know from the Food Safety Authority, someone with inside information of diseases that lurk at deli counters?

Was she someone who'd had a nasty experience of being poisoned by food from an open-help-yourself counter?

Or was she just someone with an OCD who thinks nothing about passing on her own nuroses and anxieties to her poor girls (aged roughly 6 and 8)?

As I write this, I'm eating said controversial yet delicious olives - but the sour taste she left in my mouth lingers.

What is with people like that?? Honestly, truly, really, what gives??

Do they live in a bubble of extreme cleanliness?

When I come across snippy people like that I wonder how their poor suffering loves ones put up with that insanity on a daily basis?

How do they live like that?

I'm glad I rarely have these encounters, but boy when I do, it grates and stays with me far longer than it should. I mean, fancy writing a whole blog post about it! Bonkers.

Seriously though, is it me that is being naive for not thinking of the dangers of deli counters?

What do you think?

I'd love to hear your views....

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  1. Clearly, humankind has eaten only hermetically sealed and agressively hygenic food from the dawn of time. Otherwise, how would we even be here?

  2. Lol Maud!

    You could apply her logic to everything then, what about fresh fruit, veg, bakery etc? How are we all not dropping dead all the time?

    Yes, I agree with you about passing on your own neuroses to you kids. We've a huge responsibility there - particularly in relation to food, weight and exercise. I'm very aware of not being weird about spiders too :)

    That said, I remember watching a toddler with a runny nose in Starbucks once who systematically slobbered all over the expensive portable coffee beakers and I remember thinking "I presume people wash those first before they used them, right?"

  3. I agree with you if that was what the woman actually meant. But it sounds a bit to me like something I'd say to my children to deter them from taste-testing at the deli counter. Unlike you, they wouldn't stop at one olive and, if you saw them there before you it would seriously put you off purchasing! Also, if they got to do it once then they'd want to do it every time and we'd be banned for the food fight.


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