Monday, January 13, 2014

Behold... the Receptives...

Have you ever been stuck for a word?

It happens to me a lot.

But what if that word actually doesn't exist? It would be necessary to invent it wouldn't it? 

I was giving a presentation to a group of like-minded women at the weekend, who like me, are open-minded to new ideas and pursuing self-development and education.  

I wanted to say, "people like us might be a bit of a minority, because we think one way, and the masses think another.... blah blah....."

But I couldn't. There was no word to describe us. 

I wanted to say 'we are a group who are interested and receptive, not easily offended'. We're not 'crunchy' or 'granular' as they say in the States, because that's too leftfield hippy.

But I couldn't think of a word to describe us. 

Does it even exist?

So I've decided to put myself out there as a cod-psychologist and start inventing character styles... to fill in the gaps.

I must have been feeling like such a bright spark on Saturday because my brain suddenly came up with three new character styles. Here they are:


Describes people who are able or receive knowledge with an open mind and are willing to engage with new ideas. They are the ideal attendees for someone who is facilitating a tutorial or group.

Describes people who like to avoid new information, by blocking it or pushing it to someone else, possibly by being defended in their manner and body language. They are not interested in learning new things. They are the opposite of Receptives. 

Perceptives are insightful, intelligent, and able to see what others cannot. They are even higher on the intelligence scale than Receptives because they don't just receive, they perceive so much more. They are the dream attendees of a class/group.


I like to surround myself by Receptives but life often throws Deflectors at you when you're least expecting them, and they can really throw you off balance. The challenge in life is how we handle them and how we don't let them send us in the wrong directions. 

I just wanted to put these words out there for now. I know they're not new nouns, but they are variations on a theme and handy for describing certain people. 

Do you have any words of your own that you use to describe yourself or others?

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  1. They are brilliant words and definitions! You'll have to publish your own doctionary I think.


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