Friday, March 14, 2014

10 Things I love about Parenting

There are some things that I hate about this job, but the secret I’ve discovered is to stay positive, keep the big picture in focus, and not to sweat the small stuff. And not to let the bad days get on top of you.

Here are 10 things I love about parenting:

1.    I love to see my three little sprites grabbing life by the horns and riding along as strong, independent forces of nature, capable of so many amazing things. They surprise me and knock me sideways every single day.

2.    I love that it’s not as bad as it used to be. Every day, things are getting a little bit easier. My youngest (at nearly three) is now thrilled he’s able to wear pants every day and is getting a buzz from family trips to the toilet when we’re out and about. The big two are thrilled to have him join them as a "big boy now".

3.    I love it when something finally clicks – and they start doing something that I’ve been asking them to do for years, constantly, ad nauseam. My six year old has started picking his things off the floor unprompted and putting his rubbish in the bin, which is a massive result!

4.    I love it that they’re finally getting less fussy about decent food, although they still incessantly ask for chocolate spread. I’m getting better at bargaining: “You can have that if you eat this first”.

5.    I love sometimes finding myself out of my comfort zone. Ok, so I don’t love it at the time, but once I sit back and see the big picture, I realise that we’ve all learnt something important from it, and that these challenges are part of my journey in life.

6.    I love it that they’re becoming actual real people. I took my 6 year old to the local shop earlier to buy milk and he astounded me by counting up some money in his pocket, working out how much he need to buy sweets and paying for them at the counter himself. He even said "Thanks." Cue proud, happy mum moment. My work here is done!

7.    I love that they don’t need me as much – which thankfully makes me feel less guilty when I’m away or busy with work.

8.    I love it when they come home from school with something impressive to tell me - that they won the class prize for Healthy Eater of the Week or scored 9 out of 10 in a Tricky Word test. I’m often using the phrase: “I’m proud of you, are you proud of yourself?”

9.    I love that they are starting to love the same things that I love: going for walks, bike rides, rollerblading, watching movies, fish and chips, and the pub. They adore the pub!

10. I love that I’m starting to be a more mindful parent. Today is the only day that I’m going to live in this moment with my kids being this small and cute. Now that I’m out of the eye of the storm (three kids in four years was tough), I can start to experience the wonder of life through their wide-eyed amazement. I’m starting to enjoy them more, to slow down at times, to cuddle them more at bedtimes and to really listen to their "story of the day" as I nuzzle into their soft, spongy skin that makes me go all woozy.

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