Monday, July 14, 2014

Hooray! My Third Child Suddenly Grew Up!

We’re recently back from our most relaxing holiday ever since we embarked on having three kids, nearly seven years ago. For the first time in forever, we got to laze around in the sun and read books, whilst the kids played happily around us.

Our youngest, 3-year-old Mr Singing and Dancing Lorcan, grew up in front of our eyes, as he enhanced his singing repertoire from Frozen songs to any old random musical soundtracks.
One minute he’d be singing “Do you want to build a snowman?” and the next “Doe, a deer, a female deer”, then “Mamma mia, here I go again”, and then “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow…”
He loves his musicals and picks up songs really quickly, often with his own musical interpretation such as “Do you want to do a poo poo?”, which obviously makes everyone snigger around him.
You could be out and about at the height of summer and he’ll burst into a few choruses of “Jingle Bells”, or lead a pub sing-song with a 5-minute rendition of “Ay yai yippie yippie yippie-I”. I can hear him in the garden as I write this singing “happy birthday to you” – yet it’s no one’s birthday today.
He’s going to win the X-Factor for me one day, so I can retire to a caseta in the south of Spain. So all the hard work of the last few years since he arrived and added chaos to our family is finally starting to pay off.
He’s carving his niche as the entertainer, the musical one, the funny little fella who fears no one, the solid little fella who toilet trained himself at just over two and a half and who had no wobbles when he started playschool recently.
It amazes me that we’ve got to this stage – that the youngest is finally three, and – shock, horror – life is getting easier every day. (Aside from him still finding it hilarious to run off into crowds.) Believe me, I never thought I’d see this day. I’ve been in the eye of the storm for years – at one point, I had three babies all in nappies at the same time. I couldn’t see an end to it all.
But now, watching all three of them playing together, being best of friends and having fun making up games on holiday, it does wonders for my overwhelmed-mummy stress levels. I’m thinking I might get some semblance of a life back someday…. Could it be possible?
Is it really getting easier?
I can see the light through the trees finally and now I have an amazingly flourishing third child to hang out with.

Hooray for the third baby becoming a boy!

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