Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Breaking the bad habit of Breaking Bad

It was a terrible addition. 
I had no social life for an eternity.

I never wanted to go out. I had to get my fix every evening. Not just one episode, it had to be two, sometimes three, once four!

Binge TV at its finest. It wouldn’t be so bad if I had loads of time on my hands and I could lie-in every morning, but I can’t, I have small kids, and a job and a life (or so I thought I had until I started watching Breaking Bad).

Five whole series to get through! With anything up to 16 episodes per series. 

That’s a whole of telly to feed an addiction. 

The main characters are normal people who end up cooking crystal meth to survive. They end up turning into killers and bad people, but you can’t help still liking them, can’t help hoping that they live to change their ways. 
The brilliant Breaking Bad grips a hold of you like the addictions that are being fed by the meth in the series. Watching it every night means that you start channelling some of the characters behaviour and expressions. Check out Glennon Melton’s hilarious new blog post about accidentally channelling Jesse to her kids.

It took 6 months before we finally cured our addiction (my hubby and I, who was my partner in crime/watching) – by getting to the end and breathing a sigh of relief. Finished, finally! The final episode finished and we entered cold turkey - it was the only way out for me and Walt (he's the main character if you've never seen it).

And now I’m free… but only free as far as finding another series to binge watch. 

After the heavy shock horror stuff of Breaking Bad, I'm currently enjoying the fun light-hearted humour of Modern Family. Need to get a few laughs in there somewhere...

What do you binge watch on Netflix?

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Disclaimer: I am of the Netflix Stream Team so I'm trying trying to bring you news and updates every now and again, and sharing bits and pieces with you that I find of interest.

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