Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Milestone Day: When all 3 are in school

It’s a big week for my baby this week.

My youngest child – aged 4 – took a giant leap into the big unknown that is school, breezing through his first morning, as cool as they come.

Not an inch of nervousness about him. Not a worry on his face. Just pure excitement and joy that he is embarking on the start of his next big adventure.

I see other mums at the school gates a little emotional and a little worried about their small ones in school. I don’t feel that. I just know that he is confident, secure, capable and thoroughly enjoys everything he does.

Maybe there is a small part of me missing the baby in him. But there’s an even bigger part of me grateful that the exhausting baby stage is behind me. A part of me that is as
proud as punch that he’s independent enough not to need me so much anymore. He ran into his school room this morning without even waiting for me or his teacher.

He moved his chair next to his best buddy because he said he didn’t want to be with someone he didn’t know. I smiled, thinking how confident he is to do that, whereas another child might have cried about it and been miserable and lonely for the morning. I know I would have done that.

Lorcan, as a boy of action and impetuousness, just did what came naturally to him, taking charge of the situation and giving his comfort zone some space to breathe for the morning.

His teacher only laughed and said she loves a kid with personality. He’ll do well with her I think - he has bags of personality.

This is a major achievement as a parent, to get all of your kids settled into school. Just to have done all the hard work of baby rearing and to get to this stage in the first place is no mean feat.

The milestone is achieved. This is a big turning point for our family, where our crazy youngest one learns to follow instructions and to stay in a group (as opposed to running away and getting lost. Where he learns to be more independent. Where he truly becomes an amazing individual who can teach us all so much about confidence and self-esteem.

Life can only get easier now...

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